Responsible resource management has always been key to the success our industry. Made from permanent materials, metal packaging is the perfect example of a circular economy at work.

Permanent Recycles forever Resource efficient Resources
Permanent materials
Non-permanent materials
Renewable resources Non-renewable resources

Up to 80% of all metal ever produced in the world is still available for use.

80% 2020

We are committed to an average European metal packaging recycling rate of 80% by 2020.

Permanent material loop

Non-permanent material spiral to end of life

Resources Material Product Product spiral
recycling Recycling
zero landfill Zero Landfill

We believe in a real recycling society, no metal packaging should go to landfill.

recycling Energy
less energy

Recycling 1 tonne of metal scrap uses up to 95% less energy than making 1 tonne of metal from raw material.

less energy raw materials

So each can saves twice its weight in raw materials when recycled!

recycling CO2
reducing co2

The metal packaging industry has made constant progress in reducing CO2 emissions. Improvements are measured since 2000 through an environmental scorecard.

The Scorecard is available to Empac members and allows for personalised calculations of their products’ CO₂-footrprint based on three individual parameters: can weight, recycling rate and transport distances.