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EU's Circular Economy Package in a nutshell

Video: European packaging legislation easily explained

The EU’s Circular Economy Package, including the revised packaging legislation, has introduced a fundamental shift in policy. It is a crucial starting point for a successful transition to a circular economy, in which the value of products, materials, and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible.

The legislation encourages an entire re-think on the use of packaging materials that are not recycled or very difficult to recycle. Packaging strategies will need to be reassessed to be acceptable for the market going forward.

Metal packaging is perfectly placed to meet the new requirements, as it is easily separated from other waste and the infrastructure to do so is already widely in place. It is made to be recycled, again and again, and will always be available for future generations.

This video explains the key legislative changes and the net-positive for the metal packaging industry. Also have a look at our factsheet which you can download here.

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