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Metal packaging is the smart solution for fillers and brand owners. With a proven safety and sustainability record, cans offer a multitude of design options and an unrivalled performance through the supply chain.

  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Printing


Metal packaging comes in a wide range of sizes. From a small tomato can to a steel drum for bulk tomato transport and everything in between.



Metal packaging comes in a wide range of shapes. Shaping transforms cans into designer products, creating unique and individual highlights.



Metal packaging comes in a wide range of designs. Through embossing and high-quality printing, cans deliver outstanding shelf presence for consumers. 

Metal offers a packaging solution for virtually every product

Discover the best of metal


  • Unbreakable impact-resistant and puncture-resistant
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
    and pressure
  • Provide a total barrier against light, gas
    and oxygen
  • Preserve contents perfectly and deliver safe products


  • Quick and easy to use modern opening solutions have relegated the can opener to history
  • The choice for on-to-go from a beverage can to a deodorant
  • Designed to meet modern lifestyles-portion-sized or reclosable
  • Have a place in every cupboard
    - a meal that is always available


Due to its strength and rigid nature, metal packaging is filled at high speeds with virtually no product loss, increasing overall efficiency including energy and CO2.

Beverage cans achieve up to 2.000 per minute (120.000/hour).


Metal packaging offers excellent space optimisation due to its stackability. It is easy to handle in store, reducing spoilage and costs.

Up to 10.000 80gr cans fit into 1 cubic metre illustrating the economic benefits on a per shelf basis.


Metal packaging is unbreakable, reducing the risk of leaking or tearing during transportation. Supply chains are specifically designed so that production facilities are located close to filling operations, reducing transport costs and associated CO2 emissions.

The CO2 footprint for transport of metal packaging is less than 2% of the total CO2 footprint.


Due to their inherent strength, metal packaging, both empty and filled, can be stacked to make maximum use of storage.

There is no need for heating or refrigeration, saving up to 70% in energy consumption.